Natural Transparent Paper - Utoplex Translucent / Tracing paper

Manual Drawing / PPC-Laser High quality Drawing paper Extra smooth and white

  • Premium quality
  • Especially high and uniform transparency
  • Microfine surface
  • Closely-woven and strong surface
  • Excellent flatness
  • Selected raw materials and no use of optical brightners
  • Very Suitable for blue printing at high speed
  • Good covering and edge-sharp India ink and pencil lines
  • Best possible erasing and redeawing ability
  • Problem-free processing and archiving (pH-neutral)
  • High resistance to aging and low inclination to yellowing
  • Best moisture content
  • Closely-woven and fine surface, special surface structure
  • Selected raw materials and closely woven fibers structure
  • High transparency, high temeprature resistance
  • Excellent toner adhesion, erasable and redrawable,line sharp plots
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Excellent blueprinting capability

Standard Size Roll :
1016mm(40")- 914mm(36")- 610mm(24") x 18.3 Mtrs length

Sheets :
(A-4 to A-0) Trimmed & Untrimmed Sizes and 20" x 30" -22" x 30"
(Special sheets size on request)
Thickness 65/70 - 90/95- 100/105 - 110/115 Gsm
Packing :
Rolls packed in Cardboard Containers- 10Rolls/Carton
Sheets packed in moisture-proof Cardboard boxes & laminated wrappers-250 sheets/Box-Packet.

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